Green ZOO Festival 2018


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Greenhouse Effect

The sun is getting higher in the sky, the breeze is getting warmer – but we could do with some more greenery! The 8th independent Green ZOO Festival brings music alive in the city between 25 May and 22 June. The event features eight evenings of alternative music at Re, Betel and ZetPeTe clubs. Kraków hosts indie bands from Canada and the US, joined by local groups and friends from across Europe.

The festival opens with a free dance event ZOOpening (25 May). The first live concert brings together Big Ups from Brooklyn with their unique grunge-esque punk thrash and the oneiric, psychedelic sounds from Rosa Vertov and Vegetable Kingdom from Warsaw (27 May). During the first weekend of June we will hear the local group Bad Light District and the lo-fi artist Dubais. Later in June, we will hear myriad stars of the Canadian alternative scene, including the multi-instrumentalist Chad VanGaalen, the synth pop band Moon King, and the experimental Yamantaka // Sonic Titan intertwining noise with sounds of the Far East.

Igor Kuranda, Karnet magazine

25.05, 9pm-2am @Betel
ZOOpening: Eta Hox & Piotr Figiel & Minoo
27.05, 8pm @RE
BIG UPS + Rosa Vertov + Vegetable Kingdom
1.06, 8pm @RE
Fenster + Bad Light District
3.06, 8pm @Betel
Dubais (Nadia Buyse) + Gadabit
5.06, 8pm @Betel
Chad VanGaalen + Adam Repucha
7.06, 8pm @RE
Moon King + Ayuune Suley
14.06, 8pm @ZetPeTe
22.06, 8pm @RE
Omni + Katie Caulfield



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