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Fest Granie is a cycle of outdoor concerts held in the greenery by the Białoprądnicki Manor House on Friday evenings in July and August. The cycle offers a fusion of genres, with bit rock, funk, jazz, hip hop, rock, folk, psychedelic leading the way.

5 July | 8pm
The group draws inspiration from chillout, smooth jazz, and soul. Delicate vocals will combine with the bands signature warm melodious bass lines, saxophone inserts, and rocking rhythms.

12 July | 8pm
Francis Tuan (Fryderyk Nguyen)
He is a musician with Polish-Vietnamese roots. Guided by the principle that some things cannot be played on the computer. Francis Tuan process is best seen as some kind of musical recycling - using modern looping technology while playing with vintage 60s and 70s instruments, as well as Vietnamese ethnic tools, creating completely original music in the process.

19 July | 8pm
Recycling Band
It combines electronic sounds and so-called ‘junk’. They use handmade instruments upcycled from unnecessary items, often garbage and waste, which in the hands of the builder gain a new, showing the role of recycling in practice.

26 July | 8pm
MLDVA i Çınar Timur 
It was originally a producer and DJ but has now developed into a full 4-member band. They play music inspired by Turkish psychedelia, part of the tradition of Polish ottomania, combined with electronics and funk. MLDVA is a tribute to the giants of popular Turkish music from the 70s. A pulsating-funk groove and a powerful dose of energy are their special marks.

2 August | 8pm
JANKA (Daniel Drumz & Hatti Vatti)
It is a project from some of the most original figures of the Polish electronic scene. They share their love of classical club aesthetics and analog synthesizers. They combine this with samplers, guitar effects, and drum machines. They create a unique sounds with influences from dub, to ambient, to British bass music.

9 August | 8pm
It is an original jazz group that plays modern jazz music with Slavic sensitivity. Their music takes elements from ethnic music with its distinctive Latin rhythm section. The band successfully combines the atmosphere of Krakow's jazz cellars with a rhythmic Latin pulse, melding them together in an original and surprising way.

16 August | 8pm
Rock singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer. The leader of a 5-person band in which she sings and plays the guitar. In her music, she is inspired by the 60s and the hippie movement. She has worked with artists such as Kayah, Grzech Piotrowski, Krystyna Prońko, Marcin Styczeń, and the bands Canor Anticus, and Ars Nova.

23 August | 8pm
A young writer of lyrics and music, endowed with a charismatic vocal charm. Immersed in art-rock based on acoustic sounds.



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