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“The world found itself closer to death than life, and, by some analogy, closer to poetry […] Anything could happen. The borders of time got blurred”, Tadeusz Kantor, whose life was marked by two world wars, wrote in 1944.

In what ways did general history influence the artist's work? How does history determine the development of art? And how does art representing a sense of threat determine the methods used to display it in the museum context and provoke reflection on the limits of our understanding and communication about difference, history, religion, and ourselves? Curators, Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska and Michał Kobiałka, seek answer to these questions.

The new exhibition presents objects, props and costumes from Cricot 2 Theatre productions, which mostly had not been shown yet on the permanent exhibition. This time curators radically reject the chronological narrative employed in the previous displays. They blur the boundaries of time and create a space open to new interpretations. In the post-catastrophic landscape, accumulated stage objects lose their independent status and develop new meanings.

The admission is free and the opening hours are Thursday-Sunday 11am-7pm.



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