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The Brass Instruments Faculty of the Music Academy in Krakow invites to the international scientific conference Lingua Franca or Seeking Identity? Composing Trends in Contemporary Literature for Brass Instruments.
The conference will be accompanied by concerts and workshops.

2 December

10.00 - Ceremonial opening of the conference - prof. dr hab. Andrzej Rzymkowski (Head of the Brass Instruments Faculty)
10.15-1pm - Methodological workshops

3pm - Wojciech Kamionka, PhD
4pm- prof. Adán Delgado
5pm - prof. Lukáš Moťka

6:30pm - Concert of Jose Bernardo

3 December

10.00-1pm - Methodological workshops

3pm - prof. Jose Bernardo
4pm- dr hab. Mirosław Płoski 
5pm- prof. Dirk Hirthe

6:30pm - Concert of Adán Delgado and Lukáš Moťka

4 December

10:00-1pm - Methodological workshops

5pm - Lecture - dr hab. Jakub Urbańczyk

6:30pm - Final concert

Free admission to all events



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