Joanna d'Arc at the Stake

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Joanna d'Arc at the Stake is the most famous theatrical work of the Swiss composer Arthur Honegger, the creator of symphonies and concerts, but also film and ballet music. The composer called the piece a dramatic oratorio, and itself it goes back to the figure of Jeanne d'Arc, France's national heroine, her trial and preparations for burning at the stake. The libretto, written by the poet and playwright Paul Claudel, captures Joanna at the end of her mission when she looks at her life from the perspective of waiting for execution. 

Performers: soloists, Choir, Children's Choir and Orchestra of the Krakow Opera
Music direction: Tomasz Tokarczyk
Directed by: Monika Strzępka
Set design: Arkadiusz Ślesiński
Costumes: Julia Kornacka
Preparation of dramatic texts: Paweł Demirski
Choir preparation: Jacek Mentel
Preparation of children's choir: Marek Kluza



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