Dachshund March 2019


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  • Sunday, September 15, 2019, 12:00 PM-4:00 PM

Dachshund Love

Little legs, long bodies, wagging tails and eyes full of devotion – everyone loves dachshunds! On 15th September, a pageant of these delightful (if stubborn!) hounds walks from the Barbican to the Rynek Główny as part of the 25th anniversary Dachshund Parade. The event is dedicated to all fans of sausage dogs providing plenty of fun, advice and support for our best friends and their humans. Stands set up by the Town Hall Towers host vets, behavioural specialists, dog trainers, physiotherapists and groomers, and there will be opportunities to chip and register your pets in the Safe Animal database. There will also be a stage hosting competitions and a finale of a dog adoption campaign featuring local shelters and refuges, as well as a collection of food for dogs in their care. Finally, local police officers and animal rescue volunteers explain how to help stray, abandoned and abused dogs.

(Izabela Osiadły, Karnet magazine)



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