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  • Friday, April 12, 2019 - Saturday, April 13, 2019

A festival of the branches of the Memory Trail of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, composed of Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, the Eagle Pharmacy, Pomorska Street and Memorial Site KL Plaszow. The purpose of the event is to promote the history of Krakow and its inhabitants in 1939–1945 through historical education, sport and participation.
The sixth edition of Remember with Us is devoted to the remembrance of Krakow’s Jews and the 75th anniversary of liquidation of the Ghetto in Krakow.
The event has been held under the patronage of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018.


13th April 2018 (Friday)
10am The opening of Remember with Us and welcoming the participants by Jacek Salwiński, the Deputy Director of the MHK
10.15 am – 12pm Panel discussion The Fate of the Jews Displaced from Krakow in 1940–1941 participated by Prof. Elżbieta Rączy (URZ, IPN), Dagmara Swałtek-Niewińska (UJ), Karolina Panz (UW). Host: Marta Duch-Dyngosz (Znak monthly)
Venue: Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, the cinema room, 1st floor
A discussion about the background of Krakow’s Jews forced by the Germans to leave Krakow in 1940 and 1941, the reason for their displacement, the administrative aspects of the process, possessions the Jews could take with them, the further fate of the immovable and movable property that they had to leave in Krakow. During the meeting there will be a presentation of places the displaced headed for, the reasons for choosing specific towns and villages as well as reasons why some places were inaccessible. The participants of the discussion will consider the social and economic transformations of the places where a large group of Krakow’s Jews settled – the possible consequences reflecting in the conditions present in the Jewish quarter, the relationships of Krakow citizens with the members of the local Jewish community, the distinctive features of the new arrivals and the subsequent survival strategies employed by the Jews of Krakow, or the possible differences between their relations with the non-Jewish citizens and the relationships between the local Jews. The facts presented will also cover the fate of Krakow’s Jews who decided to return to Krakow in time of the occupation – the criteria they followed and the chances for their survival. The focus of the conversation will be specific stories of male and female representatives of the Jews of Krakow.
2.30 pm – 4.30 pm An educational tour with experts of the area of former German Concentration Camp Plaszow, combined with cleaning the area. Guide: Kamil Karski
Venue: the Grey House, 3 Jerozolimska Street
Reservation: COZ (Visitor Service Centre)*
12pm – 8pm the competition office of the Remember with Us Run – issuing starter kits
Venue: Pomorska Street, 2 Pomorska Street

14th April 2018 (Saturday)
8am – 11am the competition office of the Remember with Us Run – issuing starter kits
Venue: Pomorska Street, 2 Pomorska Street
10.30 am – 12.15 pm the 1st Remember with Us March
Visiting open-air exhibition KL Plaszow and moving from the camp area to the Bohaterów Getta Square. Max. 200 people
The route of the march: 3 Jerozolimska Street – KL Plaszow – Wielicka Street - Limanowskiego Street – Dąbrowskiego Street – Romanowicza Street – Lipowa Street – the Bohaterów Getta Square
Venue: the Grey House, 3 Jerozolimska Street
Reservation: COZ*
11am – 1.30 pm Cooking in Time of Occupation
Workshops preceded by a mini-lecture. The participants are going to learn how to prepare simple dishes, such as pasta, bread spread or cake. However, it is not the preparation of the dishes that will constitute the greatest difficulty, but obtaining the ingredients for their preparation. You will be informed about the details during the workshops – the sense of cooperation and teamwork skills will be very helpful. Finally, we will taste the dishes prepared and exchange recipes of Krakow’s cuisine dating back to the time of occupation.
Duration: 20 min. (every 20 min.)
Instructor: Anna Maksymowicz
Venue: the Bohaterów Getta Square
Reservation: COZ*
11am – 1.30 pm Artistic workshops The Zone of Children and Youth
1. Diversity – why do we need it?
2. Good and evil – what are they?
3. Do we have to be nice to everyone?
4. Safety – green or red?
The natural curiosity of the world makes children ask questions continuously. Some of them refer to trivial things, others – to important ones, such as sensitivity to evil, the sense of life and exclusion. There is not a ready answer to every question, however, trying to answer them we teach our children how to think independently, not accept everything uncompromisingly, search for various solutions, as well as understand that human feelings and behaviour are sometimes contradictory and complicated. The purpose of the workshops we invite to is to teach children what tolerance, exclusion and prejudice are, and what safety really is. Surprise prizes are looking forward to children!
Venue: the Bohaterów Getta Square, in case of bad weather – the education room of the Eagle Pharmacy (18 Bohaterów Getta Square)
12pm – 1pm Educational tour Following the Traces of the Activity of Krakow’s “Żegota”
The participants of the tour will become familiar with the history of selected places connected with Krakow’s Council to Aid Jews “Żegota”, as well as its activists and co-workers.
The route of the tour: the Szczepański Square (open-air exhibition The People of “Żegota”) – 11 Jagiellońska Street – 6 Wielopole Street – 3 Wrzesińska Street – Dietla Street (the crossroads with Starowiślna Street, open-air exhibition The People of “Żegota”) – 22 Sebastiana Street – 64 Starowiślna Street – 89 Starowiślna Street – the Bohaterów Getta Square
Guide: Bartosz Heksel
Assembly place: the Szczepański Square at exhibition The People of “Żegota”
Krakow’s “Żegota” operated, inter alia, under the guise of a trading company seated at 11 Jagiellońska Street. It was in the office that the most important decisions were taken, it was there that messengers met to carry money and documents for the hiding Jews. Apart from the office, numerous contact premises as well as hideouts were used, whose addresses are known thanks to the documents preserved. The tour will also enable the participants to visit two open-air exhibitions entitled The People of “Żegota”, prepared for the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Krakow’s branch of the Council to Aid Jews.
12pm – 1.15 pm the Remember with Us Run
5 km – max. 1200 people
Grzegorz Sudoł, an Olympian and the vice-champion of Europe will provide the signal to start and commence the run.
Route: Pomorska Street (start) – Łobzowska Street – the Planty Park – Podzamcze Street – the Vistula Boulevards – Father Bernatek Footbridge – Nadwiślańska Street – Krakusa Street – Piwna Street – the Bohaterów Getta Square (finish)
12.45 pm – 1.15 pm Lecture The Structure of the Police in Occupied Krakow and Their Operation in the so Called Jewish Quarter and the Area of Plaszow Camp. Prof. Marek Mączyński (UJ)
Venue: Pomorska Street, 2 Pomorska Street
1.15 pm Decoration of the winner of the Remember with Us Run
Venue: the Bohaterów Getta Square
2.30 pm – 3.30 pm A meeting with Janusz Warenica, a witness to history, the son of Józef, the accountant of Krakow’s Council to Aid Jews “Żegota”. Chairperson: Bartosz Heksel
Venue: Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, 4 Lipowa Street, the cinema room, 1st floor
3.45 pm – 4.45 pm A curator’s tour of temporary exhibition Żegota – the Hidden Aid. Guide: Bartosz Heksel
Venue: Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, 4 Lipowa Street
3.30 pm – 5pm A curator’s tour of exhibition People of Kraków in Times of Terror 1939–1945–1956. Guide: Tomasz Stachów
Venue: Pomorska Street, 2 Pomorska Street
5.15 pm – 6pm A curator’s tour of exhibition Tadeusz Pankiewicz’s Pharmacy in Kraków Ghetto. Guide: Katarzyna Kocik
Venue: the Eagle Pharmacy, 18 Bohaterów Getta Square
Reservation: COZ*
6.15 pm – 7.30 pm Educational tour Behind the Walls of Kraków’s Ghetto. Guide: Katarzyna Kocik
Assembly venue: the Eagle Pharmacy, 18 Bohaterów Getta Square
Reservation: COZ*
6pm – 7.45 pm A guided tour of exhibition Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939–1945
Venue: Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, 4 Lipowa Street
Reservation: COZ*
8pm – 8.30 pm Ad Lucem. Musical Recollections
An acoustic concert performed by OCTAVA ensemble.
Artistic management: Zygmunt Magiera
Venue: the so called Film Staircase of Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, 4 Lipowa Street
Admission tickets to collect – COZ*

Accompanying events

13th–14th April Rising money with the Polish Humanitarian Organisation
Throughout the Remember with Us event, along with the Polish Humanitarian Organisation, we are raising funds with boxes for the victims of the war in Syria. It is a good opportunity for us to use the donations to provide real support to people who have been living in a war-torn country for seven years. In a country where almost 14 million people need humanitarian support, more than 8 million do not have the access to safe water or proper conditions, and 7 million starve. It is for five years that the Polish Humanitarian Organisation has been present in Syria. Only in 2016 did they reach 219,731 people providing them with water via water carts, building water and sanitary facilities, or supplying food. We also have made a tiny contribution in that aid, since in time of last year’s Remember with Us we collected more than 2,700 PLN, and it would be a great achievement to repeat such an outcome in 2018. We will not help everyone but one life is one world so please be thoughtful and supportive.
Here is the bank account to which donations may be transferred with annotation “Syria – Pamiętaj z Nami 2018 MHK” PAH (Alior Bank SA 02 2490 0005 0000 4600 8316 8772)
13th–14th April Individual tours of exhibitions of the Memory Trail free of charge for the participants of Remember with Us event. Please provide password “Pamiętaj z Nami 2018” (“Remember with Us 2018”) at the ticket office.

The participation in all the Remember with Us 2018 events, except the Run, is free of charge.
The registration of runners:



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