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Series of documentary films - last Thursday of each month, at 6 pm (different screening hours during the Jewish Culture Festival)

28.02.2019, 6pm
Le vénérable W., dir. Barbet Schroeder
A view of the religious tensions between Muslims and Buddhist through the portrait of the Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu, leader of anti-Muslim movement in Myanmar.
In English with Polish subtitles

28.03.2019, 6pm
"Genesis 2.0", dir. Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev
Switzerland 2018, 113 min.
On the remote New Siberian Islands in the Arctic Ocean, hunters search for tusks of extinct mammoths. One day, they discover a surprisingly well-preserved mammoth carcass. Resurrecting the woolly mammoth is a first manifestation of the next great technological revolution – genetics. It may well turn our world upside down.
In English, Subtitles in Polish

25.04.2019, 6pm
"The Prince and the Dybbuk", dir. Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski
Poland, Germany 2017, 82 min.
Who was Moshe Waks really? A golden boy of cinema, cunning fraud or a man who constantly confused the illusion of film with reality? The son of a poor Jewish blacksmith from Ukraine, died in Italy as Prince Michael Waszyński, Hollywood producer and exiled Polish aristocrat. He made more than 50 films including cinema hits with Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale. However only one film was his true obsession -The Dybbuk – based on an old Jewish legend, the most important and mystical Yiddish film ever made, directed by Waszyński shortly before the the outbreak of the World War II. To the american magazine “Variety” Waszyński once claimed to be fascinated with the downfall of great nations. The related imagery of pogroms and migration are the sights and images that Waszyński had so often witnessed in his life. It seems he had achieved almost everything he could possibly have wished, but something seemed to be stalking him, leaving him permanently restless. Waszyński kept searching for the lost print of his film The Dybbuk which held his early memories of the jewish shtetl and his first love. What secrets did he keep hidden in this old masterpiece of Yiddish cinema?
In English, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Subtitles in Polish

30.05.2019, 6pm
"Pre-crime", dir. Matthias Heeder, Monika Hielscher
Germany 2017, 88 min.
To predict a future crime scene and to prevent a murder seems like something from a sci-fi movie. It is, but it's also real - and happening right now. But what if it's you who ends up on this list? What if the data is wrong? Or biased? How can we be guilty of things we haven't done? Who is - and who isn't - protected by the algorithm?
In English, French, German, Subtitles in Polish

25.07.2019, 6pm
"Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World"
, reż. Catherine Bainbridge, Alfonso Maiorana
Canada 2017, 103 min.
“Rumble” is about the role of Native Americans in popular music history, a little-known story built around the incredible lives and careers of the some of the greatest music legends. With music icons like Link Wray, Charley Patton, Mildred Bailey, Jimi Hendrix, Redbone, Jesse Ed Davis, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Robbie Robertson and Taboo.
“Rumble” shows how these talented Native musicians helped shape the soundtracks of our lives and, through their contributions, influenced popular American music history, telling the story of a profound, essential, and until now, missing chapter in the history of American popular music.
In English, Subtitles in Polish

29.08.2019, 6pm
"Eating Animals", dir. Christopher Quinn
United States 2017, 94 min.
Directed and produced by Christopher Quinn (Sundance award winner God Grew Tired of Us), "Eating Animals" tells the story of the beginning of the end of factory farming. Produced with Academy Award winner Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer, the film is the feature-length adaptation of Foer’s critically acclaimed book of the same name that starts out with a simple question — where do our eggs, dairy and meat come from? Through the intimate narratives of several farmers dedicated to bringing their trade – and the way we eat – back to its roots, the film explores the notion of stepping away from the practices of the past 40 years that have polluted our environment, endangered our health, and caused us all to be complicit in the inhumane treatment of animals. Looking at the costs we’ve incurred as our country has become dominated by massive industrial complexes designed to feed the masses, "Eating Animals" paints a picture of a future where traditional farming is no longer a distant memory, but is instead the only way forward.
In English, Subtitles in Polish



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