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Inspired by interactive stands at the exhibition "It's so simple", we prepared new Sunday museum lessons. In an accessible and interesting way we will prove that it science is not so scary.

May 13, 27; June 17, 24; July 8, 22, noon
How to put a still image in motion?
Before the modern cinema was created, people designed various inventions, allowing to get the illusion of the moving pictures. During the lesson, we will get to know some of the earliest ways to animate pictures.
Duration: 45 min

August 12, 26; September 9, 23; October 14, 28, noon
Get your head in gear - logic games, more or less popular
What anecdote and puzzle is associated with the term "Egg of Columbus"? How to find a unique route through bridges in the city of Krolewiec?
Duration: 45 min



  • Participation in lessons is possible within the admission ticket to the museum.
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