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The exceptional year-round free book swap campaign. Join us!

Every literature lover would admit that simply having books in their personal library is a source of pride and joy. And even though they love each and every book selflessly, after a brief thought they would be able to point out at least one volume that they cherish a little bit less – a hasty purchase, a poorly matched gift, a book they have outgrown or got bored with. A book unread loses its magical power. It should not be wasted! Want a piece of advice? Find a new owner for it!

The Second Life of a Book is an undertaking of the Krakow Festival Office. Exchange participation rules are simple: it is enough to bring at least one, but no more than ten books. Important: the books must be in good condition. If you bring books published before 1995, you will be able to swap them only for other books published before 1995. People who bring new books (published after 1995) are allowed to select from all books, new and old alike.

19 February 2017, 3pmPowiśle 11
19 March 2017, 3pmPowiśle 11
23 April 2017, 3pm – special edition: Vintage and Retro Fair “Kogel Mogel”, Hotel Forum
23 April 2017, 4pm Voivodship Public Library
30 April 2017, 3pm
– special edition: OFF Camera – records and posters only, OFF Camera Festival Village
21 May 2017, 3pmPowiśle 11
3 June 2017, 6pm – special edition: Libraries Night, MOCAK
8-11 June 2017 – Miłosz Festival – bookcrossing bookcase
11 June 2017, 3pm – special edition: Children's Literature Festival – books for children, Manggha
23 July 2017, 3pmPowiśle 11
20 August 2017, 3pmMOCAK
17 September 2017, 3pmWyspiański Pavilion
24 September 2017, 2pm – special edition: European Day of Languages – books in English, Arteteka WBP
15 October 2017, 3pmKsięgarnia Podróżnicza Bo-no-bo
23-29 October 2017 – Conrad Festival – bookcrossing bookcase
19 November 2017, 3pmWyspiański Pavilion
17 December 2017, 3pmWyspiański Pavilion



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