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In October 2016, the permanent Zdzisław Beksiński Gallery opens in Kraków. Paintings, drawings and photos by the artist who passed away in 2005 from the private collection of Anna and Piotr Dmochowski – art dealers and the artist’s friends – come to the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.

The opening is likely to stir emotions and debates which have always accompanied the works by this controversial artist: the deformed figures, abandoned buildings, intimidating shapes and forms are as fascinating for some viewers as they are unacceptable for others. The exhibition mainly includes paintings from the 1980s – Beksiński’s fantastical period when he created his best known iconic works. We will also see artworks from the last few years of his life, revealing the artist’s return to ascetic forms of expression; additionally, the gallery will occasionally show drawings and photos. The opening is accompanied by the ticketed performance by Art Color Ballet Kryptonim 27 which interprets the artist’s hidden meanings using the language of the stage.

Tue-Sun 11am-7pm
tickets PLN10/8



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