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Meeting with Polish folklore, traditional and culture: see beautiful folk dances and costumes, listen to traditional Polish songs. During the show you can also try typical Polish dishes. The Folk Show takes place at Jama Michalika Cafe, located in a historic tenement house called Berezowska, built in the 15th century.

An encounter with Polish folklore through music brings together the tradition and culture of the country. A performance by a folk band combines exceptional dancing, singing, and regional costume.

The band consists of professional musicians, a pair of dancers and a Lajkonik (one of the city’s unofficial symbols; a bearded man dressed in Mongol attire, with a wooden horse around his waist).

Each of their performances in Jama Michalika is divided into two parts. The first one lasts approximately 25 minutes; the national dances and folk traditions (such as the legend of the Lajkonik, and of the Bugle Call) are demonstrated to the audience. The second part begins after the main course, and lasts about 25 minutes. The performers entertain the audience with folk songs and invite them to dance. The dances are arranged and prepared by a professional choreographer. Such events are held in the café Jama Michalika, situated in a 15th-century building at Floriańska 45. During performances, guests are offered an opportunity to try the traditional Polish cuisine, which makes the whole experience one of a kind.

The concerts take place every Wednesday and Saturday.



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