Lose Yourself in Greenery

24 July 2017

Summer holidays help us break out of our daily routines and encourage us to take up new challenges – especially those in the open air. Kraków’s parks, meadows, boulevards and avenues, imbued with greenery, come alive in the summer!

Flowery meadows in urban estates and lining the city’s main transport routes are in bloom, the Kurlandzki Boulevard (near the Kotlarski Bridge) hosts PrzyStań on the foreshore, the Planty park resounds with music from the Summer Gazebo, and the Rose Avenue is decorated with chalk drawings. The urban initiative “Lose Yourself in Greenery” is also in full swing, encouraging residents to spend their free time relaxing, picnicking, exercising and learning in the great outdoors.

Exercise out in the open…

…with instructors from Kraków’s fitness clubs. Bednarski Park hosts classes for new mums, ran by the Active Women studio. If you’re after something more hardcore, you’ll find karate and GTX at Jordan Park, which also hosts gentler sessions in pilates and general stretching. You’ll be left feeling energised! Decius Park is perfect for jogging, while Kościuszko Park welcomes everyone hoping to tone their figure, burn some fat and calm frayed nerves.

The variety of activities on offer means they engage all muscle groups – and also all age groups: kids, teenagers, new parents and seniors. Check out the full timetable on the website of the Municipal Greenery Authority, coordinators of the project.


Picnics in city’s parks are hugely popular with Cracovians, and at weekends they become hives of social activity. You can play football or bowls, join a badminton tournament or participate in fitness sessions. Or how about chilling out with a book, chatting with friends, doing a spot of sunbathing or sampling organic delicacies from a range of food trucks? There are playgrounds, climbing walls and art workshops for kids. In August, we head to Bednarski Park on Saturdays, and on Sundays to Decius Park – one of Kraków’s oldest green spaces, which also hosts a gallery of sculptures by Bronisław Chromy. The majority of exhibits – animal figures, musical instruments and an ammonite clock – are displayed out in the open. In September, the Kraków Picnic visits the Planty and the Kościuszko Park!
See more information!


…is an initiative for all fans of daytrips. Every Saturday, we are joined by a guide and a mystery guest on a quest to discover Kraków’s flora and fauna. The specially marked, environmentally-friendly bus takes residents of various districts to a park on the opposite side of the city. And so residents of Krowodrza head to Bagry reservoir (5 August) and Zakrzówek reservoir (9 September), locals of Bieżanów travel to the Nowa Huta Reservoir (12 August) and Zakrzówek (16 September), and residents of Nowa Huta visit Zakrzówek (19 August) and Bagry (2 September). Each site has prepared a route revealing its unique natural features – or you can simply relax in the beautiful green surroundings. Detailed timetable on the Municipal Greenery Authority website. (bf)



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