March Harmonies

1 March 2017

Although this year’s late Easter means we have to wait a while for Misteria Paschalia, Kraków’s cultural life is showing no signs of slowing down. March brings a host of events – and the cultural spring means plenty of walks…

We’ll be catching up with theatre (premieres!), at Pod Baranami Cinema (Spanish Cinema Week!) and at numerous exhibitions. There are surprises in store during the celebrations of the centenary of the avant-garde in Poland at the National Museum and Cricoteka. We will see the traditional presentation of music manuscripts at the Jagiellonian Library, and admire Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” as part of Kraków’s prologue of the Beethoven Festival.

And while we’re on the subject of music, Kraków’s first Piano Day (lasting four days, because why not?) fills many unusual venues with original sounds. Looking for the classics? There are Bach Days, Brahms at the philharmonic and the springtime return of Capella Cracoviensis’ matinées… And the ICE Kraków Congress Centre brings a full spectrum of events from operas and film music hits, via musicals and recitals, to stage entertainment. Fans of hard rock have a treat at Tauron Arena Kraków which hosts the Swedish Sabaton seeking inspiration in Poland’s history. And of course there is the Cracow Fashion Week – one of the most important events of its kind in Poland, exploring the harmony in the relationship between nature and people…

Spring is rushing in!

  • At the threshold of spring, Kraków hosts a week of sustainable fashion: presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, workshops and a debate on the fashion industry’s social responsibility. Organised by the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, the Cracow Fashion Week (18-26 March) is held under the banner “Fashion & Ecology”. read more
  • What is Polish avant-garde? The centenary of the first manifestation of avantgarde art in Poland is the perfect opportunity to examine its many facets and continuations. The National Museum in Krakow joins the nationwide celebrations of the anniversary with the exhibition The Power of the Avant-Garde (from 10 March). read more


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