Spring at Szpitalna 1

22 February 2017

Szpitalna 1 brings the first signs of Spring to Cracow’s clubscene. The announced line-up so far includes Ron Morelli, Lee Gamble, Ralph Kaminski, David Vunk, Edmundy and Buslav, but there are still a few surprises for you!

March at Szpitalna 1 begins with the club’s own brand new series. The first one is called "Fresh Start", and aims at presenting the new-found talents of our Open Decks cycle to a wider audience. There you’ll be able to hear the rising masters of the DJ-ing art, whose selection and talent for mixing could no longer stay hidden. The second one is simply called “Szpitalna 1 Presents”, and will focus on lesser known artists from the electronic scene. The first guest is of the cycle is Borusiade, a DJ born and raised in Romania. Her sets marry bold and obscure sounds, mainly oscillating around dark disco, minimal wave or raw house with acid shots.

“Robot Fanatico”, a club night curated by Kinzo Chrome, well known for his work with the Radar collective, and his love for italo disco, returns to Szpitalna 1. This time it will host David Vunk, whose music is largely inspired by italo and acid house, along with Hysteric, a brilliant DJ with one of the world’s broadest italo records collection. We’ve also got great news for Cracow-based techno fans – Techno Techyes crew invited Uakoz, the Italian artist well-known for his “pumping” productions to play at Szpitalna 1. The crazy Urloop trio will ensure we’ll all take days off work after Stojche’s visit to their L4 party series.

March’s most important club event in Cracow will also be held right here – at Szpitalna 1. The Radar collective will celebrate their anniversary with some very special guests, the real crème de la crème of the global independent music scene. We will have the great pleasure of hearing Ron Morelli, the founder of iconic NY label L.I.E.S., together with Lee Gamble, an uncompromising seeker of new sounds, who just recently started his own label called UIQ. These two gentlemen will perform a special back-to-back set, as the rumor has it that this may be their last meeting of this kind, before a long break.

Szpitalna 1 also continues with its Thursdays’ concert series, focused on promoting young talents from the Polish scene. In March we will hear Ralph Kaminski, an original songwriter, whose music relates to art-pop, heavily embellished with the sounds of the violin and the piano. At his Cracow concert he will perform with My Best Band in the World. Buslav, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, will perform with a full backing band. His project deals with bravely crossing personal boundaries, stories of emotions, of human curiosities and experiences, all put into beautiful sounds. It’s an event not to be missed. Pola Rise, a rising star of electro music, will present her latest album live. There are also some surprises waiting for you here, so stay tuned!

Tickets for all events can be purchased through the Going. platform, or on the day of the event at the club entrance. Also, in response to your expectations, Szpitalna 1 is introducing a monthly pass to our club. It covers all weekend club night events and is also available for purchase via Going. platform.


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