Edward II


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Through Christopher Marlowe’s eyes, Edward II is a monarch whose reign becomes a provocation: he squanders his royal fortune, parades his homosexuality, and in speaking openly of his atheism, he derides the court's hypocrisy. He will pay with his life for having the courage to reveal his true face. He is destroyed by society, linked by bonds of hatred and a conspiracy of intolerance. Edward II creates a “theater” of sorts, in which his subjects no longer want to participate, because it reveals a difficult truth. It is not by chance that this great provocateur is made the protagonist of a thoroughly contemporary drama, and in the face of death is ready to sacrifice his own life. In this game he is driven by passion, of a kind that does not allow him to retreat, though his partners have taken away all his cards. “This play takes room to pause, and to allow the last phrase of a monologue to resound in a beautifully rendered text. There is space for breathing, concentration, and intimate contact between the viewer and the actor. This kind of theater, which unfolds in the viewer's imagination, does not happen every day,” wrote Katarzyna Fryc and Agata Olszewska in Gazeta Wyborcza.




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