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  • Friday, March 12, 2021, 7:30 PM

Georg Philipp Telemann, born on 14 March 1681 in Magdeburg, was one of the greatest musical figures of his time. During his lifetime, he was much more famous than his colleague Johann Sebastian Bach and was highly esteemed for his versatility. Bach was in fact his close friend, so much so that Bach asked him in 1714 to be the godfather of his second eldest son Carl Philipp Emanuel.
As a composer, Kapellmeister, concert manager and publisher Telemann was engaged in almost all important areas of musical life. In his compositions, he was able to apply his skills to every musical genre – whether opera, church music or chamber music, whether in the Polish, French or Italian style. To commemorate the anniversary of his death, Capella Cracoviensis dedicate this concert to the great Baroque composer from Magdeburg.

Capella Cracoviensis on period instruments
Zofia Wojniakiewicz, Robert Bachara, Maciej Czepielowski, Jadwiga Czepielowska – violin I
Agnieszka Świątkowska, Tomasz Góra, Beata Nawrocka – violin II
Mariusz Grochowski, Jacek Dumanowski, Teresa Wydrzyńska – viola
Konrad Górka – cello
Michał Bylina – double bass
Marian Magiera, Paweł Gajewski – trumpet
Tomasz Sobaniec – timpani
Marek Toporowski – harpsichord, conductor

Georg Philipp Telemann:
Overture-Suite in D major TWV55:D17
Overture-Suite in D major TWV 55:D6
Overture-Suite “Don Quixotte” TWV55:G10
Overture “Les Nations modernes et anciens” TWV55:G4
Overture-Suite in D major TWV55:D18



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