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  • Saturday, March 6, 2021, 8:00 PM

In 2008 Tom Carter & Christopher B. Gray form The Awarians named after the club Awaria in Krakow and play their first concert of original music in Berlin. It could have been described as extra-terrestrial punk and rock with electronics. Turbulent winds of change mutate the group and the material until the first LP titled Kup sobie! is released in 2012. Shortly thereafter all the original members except Christopher leave the band, but the material and legacy live on. After many great and tumultuous years of trying to reinvent the wheel the rest of the extra-terrestrial members mysteriously decend from the heavens to form new mix of Rock, Funk, and Art Rock. Led Zeppelin and Gong are among the primary influences of the band as well as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The magic puzzle is finally solved in 2018 with the entrance of guitar player and creative composer Maciek Klima who can be said to have been the missing piece. Vocalist Kasia Bobik shortly thereafter steps up from additional percussion to a full drum kit with a smile on her face which then cements things into place. Mikolaj Spendel on bass has fought to keep the project alive though various moments of uncertainty with his continuous faith and super strength low end glue as well as technical prowess. Sara Mikula-Spendel has provided, melody, rationality as well as humor to keep the group in good condition. Christopher B. Gray on vocals continues with his lyrics, spoken word, recitation and FULLY CHARGED frontman stage pressence as he has from the beginning.

The whole band is working together dilegently to write new material for the up and coming LP Krakow Time Machine which has already been partially recorded.

The calling card for the band is the unrepeatable atmosphere of the unique and energetic performances given by the band. The live performance can only be described as “TOTALLY ENGAGED!”

Source: press release



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