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Małopolska's Virtual Museums website (WMM) provides over 1000 digitized exhibits from 41 Museums in Małopolska. There are both 3D and 2D exhibits, as well as texts and audio recordings that put them in a broader context, including a special audio description for the blind and visually impaired.

These also include in-depth interpretations of important issues made by specialists in given fields, available both in text and graphic presentations, and read by familiar voices. It is a source of inspiration for activating museum collections and creating exercises for this purpose.

The virtual space provides an opportunity that, in reality, would be extremely difficult to implement: to enjoy exhibits from large and famous museums, as well as with those from smaller centres that contain fascinating, and often little-known, treasures, to meet the artists whose works are dispersed throughout various exhibitions, to learn about the phenomena in the history of art and humanity that can be interpreted through such varied and obscure museum collections.

We hope that visiting WMM website will give you an opportunity to discover the heritage of our region in a creative manner and encourage you to visit the unique museum collections of Małopolska.




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