Waiting for the Shanties 2020

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Raise Anchor!

Seasoned seadogs know full well that all voyages require meticulous preparation, and the closer it gets to sailing time, the more there is to do. The organisers of the International Sea Song Festival Shanties, held for the 39th time this February, are making sure they stay on top of things. Preparations start on 10 January at Żaczek, where corsairs from the Mietek Folk ensemble, clad in period costumes, present material from their latest album and old piratical hits. The same evening we sail to the Stary Port tavern to hear Piotr Zadrożny, a great fan of Irish music. Traditional melodies from the British Isles with a modern twist flow from the Sheeban Celtic Band (24 January); the tavern also resounds with acoustic folk from Old Marinners (25 January) and music inspired by Mark Knopfler, Dave Matthews Band and Great Big Sea from the Znienacka Project (31 January). The coast is already far behind, and we have only just set sail! (Bartosz Suchecki, ”Karnet”)

Mietek Folk (Monika Stachnik-Czapla)



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