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  • Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - Sunday, December 15, 2019

Individual style, unusual interior design, unique objects? We will find them all in Kraków!

Spaces and objects that surround us have a huge impact on the quality of our lives. We are very aware of it here in Kraków, filled with beautiful ancient monuments and artworks as well as modern concepts proposed by artists and designers. Events focusing on contemporary design culminate in the city in November and December. And it’s surely no accident, as our thoughts start turning to festive decorations and Christmas presents. Held for the second time, the project A Thing for Art. Design in Kraków, organised by the City of Krakow, brings together myriad initiatives by artists, designers, foundations and associations, galleries and workshops, artisans and manufacturers. They includes events aimed at the public as a whole, as well as more targeted and even niche events. There is something for everyone among the daily presentations, fairs, meetings and workshops!

During the first week of the marathon, we will see the Kraków Meetings with Design (14-17 November) – the latest instalment of the annual event organized by Cracow School of Art And Fashion Design (KSA). This year, an expanded programme of lectures, workshops and discussion panels is held at the art school and Solvay Park, and ran by designers, architects, artists, stylists and fashion photographers (full programme and registration on www.zaprojektowani.com.pl).

The programme of “A Thing for Art” also features exhibitions, including presentations of photographs and designs by students and graduates from KSA, as well as a post-competition exhibition of bicycle-themed posters Posters Turn Me On at the Dydo Poster Gallery and the “electrifying”, tactile exhibition TOUCH ME at the Wyspiański Pavilion. We will also see the exhibition/showroom inspired by Polish design of the communist era at 25 Studencka St. and shows by up-andcoming designers at the Design Forum at the former Hotel Cracovia; the building is a perfect example of postwar Modernism in Kraków.

And if we are talking about the art of design, there must be an opportunity for a spot of shopping: there are fairs of interior design at Solvay Park (16 November), Kogel Mogel at the Kraków Cultural Forum (23 and 24 November) and Nówka Sztuka showcasing works by young artists and designers at Bunkier Sztuki (30 November and 1 December). In December we’ll also meet at the Forum Wydarzeń for the KUP SE (1 December) and Kiermash (14 and 15 December) fairs.

An important element of the programme of “A Thing for Art” are conferences and debates, including this year’s session of Day of Colour 2019. Colours in Public Space, organised by the Faculty of Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow (22 November), and the prestigious Element Urban Talks including lectures, consultations, workshops, architectural guided tours, film screenings and networking sessions, focusing on the responsibilities faced by designers (Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, 29 November – 1 December). There are also guided walks to places usually inaccessible to the public and meetings at studios and apartments of Cracovian artists who reveal some of the secrets of their craft. We will also take a journey on the trail of Kraków’s street art.

What is applied art? How can you fall in love with design? What’s the best way to arrange the space around you and craft your very own, unique objects? “A Thing for Art” also includes an extensive programme of lectures and workshops for audiences of all ages at venues throughout the city. We will learn how to make ceramics and jewellery, design furniture and compose bouquets. The “Dworek Białoprądnicki” Cultural Centre has prepared a fascinating programme inspiredby the Year of Moniuszko: we will sew and embroider traditional Highlander costumes, and take part in music workshops. The project culminates with a concert and a show of fashion designs by Aneta Larysa Knap who skilfully intertwines elements of Polish Highlander folk with contemporary ideas; she is also the woman behind the eco-friendly label “Folk Design” (1 December).

We’ll develop our own creativity based on the finest patterns and ideas! You will find the detailed programme and information on participation in individual events in other sections of “Karnet”, flyers, posters and at www.facebook.com/sztukadorzeczy. (Dorota Dziunikowska, “Karnet” monthly)




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