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  • Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Kraków Philharmonic kindly informs that the events in March have been canceled over growing concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Why should we expose children to music?

A child who is sung to and has good music played to it even before it is born comes into the world with a pool of musical talents that are influenced genetically and by the environment. If we continue this musical influence after the birth, this potential continues to develop. In this period, work with the child means steering (and not teaching) the child, that is providing it with the right stimuli. The child is simply “immersed” in music. Thanks to communing with surroundings that is rich in music, a child absorbs the “musical dictionary” and learns the rules of music spontaneously, just as it learns the rules of speech; it learns to think musically the way it learns to think using a language. There is a strong analogy between learning a language and developing musical talents. The prenatal and early postnatal periods are particularly important here (just as with speech learning).

As a music psychologist and co-translator of E.E. Gordon’s works into Polish, and also a participant in several seminars on Gordon, I am truly convinced about the need for and attractiveness of events where young children can experience music and about the benefits of exposing them to music as early as in the prenatal period. As the content supervisor of the Baby Concerts series, I therefore encourage you to participate in another series of these meetings.

Ewa Klimas-Kuchtowa, PhD
Head of Postgraduate Studies in Music Therapy
Academy of Music in Krakow



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