Grażyna Bacewicz - academic and artistic session

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The Department of Violins and Violas at the Academy of Music in Cracow invites to the academic and artistic session Grażyna Bacewicz (1909-1969) - Violinist and Composer

8 October, 7pm
Concert I

Sonata No. 4
Magdalena Szczepanowska - violin
Paweł Kubica - piano

Suite for two violins
Magdalena Szczepanowska - violin
Oriana Masternak - violin

Kaja Danczowska - violin
Justyna Danczowska - piano

9 October, 2pm
Academic session

dr hab. Bogusława Hubisz-Sielska
Grażyna Bacewicz's Polish Fantasy in the viola version

Marek Polański, PhD
Grażyna Bacewicz's Violin Concerts - historical outline of the creation of works and discussion of performance problems

9 October, 7pm
Concert II

Polish Fantasy
Marek Polański - violin

Sonata da camera
Mieczysław Szlezer - violin
Danuta Mroczek-Szlezer - piano

Stained Glass
Zuzanna Dulęba - violin
Paweł Kubica - piano

Sonata No. 5
Maria Sławek - violin
Anna Boczar - piano

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