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The Pianoforte Foundation invites for a series of concerts From Bach's Cantatas to Moniuszko's Songs. Within this project there will be three concerts of old time music, played on period instruments, in Krakow's museum buildings.

The theme of the series are vocal and instrumental works and their development from the baroque to the times of Stanisław Moniuszko. In the Baroque period, mainly sacred compositions were sung in churches, while Romanticism moved the song to the salons, which did not mean the extinction of the cantata as a form. Cantatas were also created by Stanisław Moniuszko, followed by other composers - up to modern times.

In the first installment of the series, In the Baroque Chapel the cantatas by G. Ph. Telemann and J. S. Bach will be presented. The program will be performed by the old time music ensemble Antica Cucina under the direction of Katarzyna Pilipiuk, while the vocal parts will be performed by a young, talented musician, Katarzyna Kucia. The concert will take place on September 29, 2019 at 6pm in the Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art in the Sukiennice on the Main Square 3.

In the second episode of the series, there will be a jump to romanticism. It was a time of flourishing of a romantic solo song, written to the texts of the greatest poets of that time, such as J. W. Goethe, F. Schiller, W. Hugo, A. Mickiewicz, J. Słowacki, C. K. Norwid. Songs by F. Mendelssohn and R. Schumann will be heard In Romantic Living Room. They will be performed again by Katarzyna Kucia with the accompaniment of a historical oboe (Katarzyna Pilipiuk) and the original instrument of the era - a table piano from 1834 (Anna Huszczo). In addition, listeners will be able to listen to romantic instrumental miniatures for oboe and piano by C. A. Braun and J. Wiederkehr - romantic composers whose names rarely appear in concert repertoire. The concert will be held at the MOCAK Contemporary Art Museum in Krakow, ul. Lipowa 4. on October 27, 6pm.

The third part of the cycle, Moniuszko's Chamber Salon is the quintessence of the series, i.e. a concert dedicated to the songs of St. Moniuszko. Again Katarzyna Kucia and the excellent young baritone Dawid Biwo will present selected songs from Songbook for Home Use. We will also hear Moniuszko's waltzes, works by J. Elsner, K. Kurpiński and F. Chopin, i.e. his contemporaries. Additionally, with the works of H. Brod or G. Donizetti we will refer to the Moniuszko's domain - opera. Singers will be accompanied by Katarzyna Pilipiuk on the oboe and Anna Huszczo on the historical piano. The concert will take place on November 24 at 6pm at the Palace of Bishop Erazm Ciołek in Krakow, ul. Kanonicza 17.

Upcoming events:

29 September, 6pm
The Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art in the Sukiennice
In the Baroque Chapel
Katarzyna Kucia - mezzo-soprano
Antica Cucina composed of:
Katarzyna Pilipiuk - baroque oboe
Natalia Moszumańska - violin
Elżbieta Górka - violin
Artur Łuczak - viola
Konrad Górka - cello
Grzegorz Frankowski - double bass
Anna Huszczo - harpsichord
In programme:
J. S. Bach, G. P. Telemann

27 October, 6pm
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
In Romantic Living Room
Katarzyna Kucia - mezzo-soprano
Antica Cucina composed of:
Katarzyna Pilipiuk - barioque oboe
Anna Huszczo - historical piano
In programme:
F. Mendelssohn, R. Schumann

Admission free



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