Teresica - una pasión

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Due to her approaching birthday, Donna Anna asks her husband for permission to perform Teresica, a theatrical play in the palace garden. The countess' husband reluctantly agrees, sensing an upcoming disaster. For a long time the behavior of Donna Anna has been hiding a love secret, just like in the story of Teresica, a village girl, the heroine of the exhibited story.

The performance is based on songs of the Spanish Renaissance, which were first presented on the stage of the Krakow Opera in a theatrical form. Music is a wonderful combination of Jewish-Christian and Moorish elements. The songs were adapted and arranged by Mikołaj Blajda, a composer and instrumentalist. The musical director of the performance is Zygmunt Magiera, who used his experience and knowledge of early music while working on the project. The set and costumes are the work of Bożena Pędziwiatr. The play was invented and directed by Fred Apke, a German director, playwright and actor acting on Polish stages.

Teresica - una pasión
Opera serenata with songs of the Golden Age

Production crew:
Text and staging: Fred Apke
Music direction: Zygmunt Magiera
Adaptation and musical arrangement: Mikołaj Blajda
Scenography and costumes: Bożena Pędziwiatr
Choreography: Romana Agnel

Teresica - Monika Korybalska
Countess (Donna Anna) - Marta Klubowicz
Count (Don Ruy) - Jan Monczka
Miguel - Krzysztof Kozarek
Mother - Agnieszka Cziarkika-Niezgódka
Pelayo - Marek Gerwatowski
Joan - Stanisław Knapik
Don Fernando - Zygmunt Magiera

Vocal band:
Kamila Mędrek-Żurek, Anna Wodyńska-Piętka, Joanna Rakoczy, Jolanta Leśniak, Lidia Pirowska, Agata Flondro, Piotr Boronowicz, Rafał Pawłowski, Łukasz Lelek, Mariusz Zarzycki, Jacek Wróbel

Instrumental ensemble:
Paweł Wójtowicz - violin
Wiesław Suruło - flutes
Alina Grochala - viola da gamba
Sylwia Romek - drums
Anna Wiktoria Swoboda - teorban, baroque guitar



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