Pagliacci/Gianni Schicchi

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The story of extreme passion, which become a source of destruction, devours man and devastates his life. In Clowns, the destructive force is love lust and jealousy leading to catastrophe, in Gianni Schicchi - money and greed, capable of any wickedness and cruelty. The two elements will be joined by the element of theater. In Clowns, what was supposed to be a fiction will turn into the horror of reality and lead to tragedy, in Gianni Schicchi we will be witnessing a great theater of human behavior and attitudes, put in farce or even grotesque form. There will also be special attractions bordering on a cross between breakdance, circus art and the art of illusion. Music is a separate pleasure, characterizing the characters, building the world of situations, relationships, feelings...

Composers: Ruggero Leoncavallo / Giacomo Puccini

Direction: Włodzimierz Nurkowski

Musical direction: Tomasz Tokarczyk 
Set design and costumes: Anna Sekuła
Choirmaster: Jacek Mentel



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