21st Małopolska Days of Cultural Heritage

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If you’re not afraid of dark cellars and basements and tenement houses filled with mazes of rooms, if you revel in dark tales and mysterious ruins, if you love tracing stories painted on church walls and solving crime puzzles, then the 21st Małopolska Days of Cultural Heritage are just for you!

Become a thoroughbred detective! You will enter places filled with history, usually inaccessible to the public, so don’t hesitate to ask incisive questions. What were the Cracovian Archconfraternity of Mercy and the Pious Bank? What did Jan Matejko have to do with the Convent of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and the Church of Holy Spirit? Which living and dead personalities visited the salon of the Potocki noble family at 20 Main Market Square? Why did Zygmunt Pusłowski, owner of a small palace by the Planty Garden Ring, keep a skeleton dressed in knight’s robes? You’ll find even more puzzles on trails throughout Małopolska. Why did Hasior’s Organ at the Snozka Pass never play? Why is there a Turk’s face on a wall of the fortress in Rożnów on the Dunajec River? What was Franciszek Lismanin, confessor of Queen Bona and later an ardent supporter of Reformation, doing in Czchów? Is there a grain of truth in local legends of an undertaker, witches and Slavic deities? What are the secrets of paintings in the Church of St Bartholomew in Niedzica? Finally, why is the village of Kacwin known as a “cat’s corner”?

Answers to these and myriad other questions come from hosts of sites featured on the trail, experts and tour guides. As usual, their stories are accompanied by exhibitions, games, workshops, film screenings and concerts. The secrets of Małopolska await! (Barbara Skowrońska)



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