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Slavic Game of Thrones

9th century. Chieftain Krak becomes king of a new state and founds a stronghold named Kraków in his honour. The wise ruler is supported by his son and daughter, Lech and Wanda. Meadows gradually turn to pasture and forests to fields. But when axes reach a sacred grove, ancient Slavic nature deities have had enough and Kraków is invaded by a huge dragon. The terrified people offer sacrifices, while the king and his retinue search for ways of defeating the monster.

Fascinated by worlds spun by J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and George R.R. Martin, we often forget about our own mythology: proto-Slavic gods, deities, heroes and beasts.

(Justyna Skalska, “Karnet” magazine)


  • Director: Jakub Roszkowski
  • Scenography: Mirek Kaczmarek
  • Music: Stefan Wesołowski
  • Choreography: Maćko Prusak
  • Cast: Bożena Adamek, Agnieszka Judycka, Agnieszka Kościelniak, Marta Waldera, Rafał Dziwisz, Tomasz Wysocki, Maciej Jackowski, Karol Kubasiewicz, Daniel Malchar, Antonii Milancej, Jerzy Światłoń, Tadeusz Zięba




  • PLN 50/65
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