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  • Friday, February 15, 2019, 8:00 PM

PIWNICA pod BARANAMI together with CroDad & 100 Years invite you to a Great Birthday Concert for the occasion to celebrate 15 years of the band's existence.

CroDad & 100 Years is a band, within which may be found similarities to some of the elements of the theater of Tadeusz KANTOR. Founder of the group CHRISTOPHER B. GRAY, an American who settled in Krakow in the mid-nineties, states that the similarities to KANTOR are completely by chance and came to be simply by following his own artistic ambitions.

On the stage we find a strong and experienced representation of musicians from the Krakow music scene under the charismatic leadership of CHRISTOPHER B. GRAY who switches between melodic recitation, to rap.

The style of the music performed ranges through styles including alternative rock, punk, pop, funk and psychedelic improvisation. The calling card for the band is the live show with original and energetic performances with an unrepeatable atmosphere.

This concert promises to be a perfect culmination of 15 years of work within the fermented artistic walls of PIWNICA pod BARANAMI!



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