The Kingdom


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14.02 with English surtitles!

Based on the script by Lars von Trier and Niels Vørsel.

Mrs Drusse (Elżbieta Karkoszka) is pacing the hospital corridors in search of the ghost of a wronged girl with whom she made contact in an elevator. Along with her, and a team of Denmark’s finest doctors, including the belligerent head, Helmer (Radosław Krzyżowski), we shall delve into the real space of the Kingdom – the Stary Theatre – full of passageways and corridors known only to initiates. The multimedia projections make the stage expand, consuming the entire building and revealing its secrets to the audience. In The Kingdom the actors perform not only on stage – the eye of the camera also invades their private space, providing a look into what goes on where the public is forbidden.

“It is a marvelous thing to have a place to work that is so gigantic that it cannot be fathomed, and where odd things transpire,” von Trier said. In the theatre version of the Kingdom series, directed by Remigiusz Brzyk, this place is the Stary Theatre building, and the symbolic space is its long history, forged by the work of the many generations of artists who have built its renown.


  • Bogdan Brzyski
  • Iwona Budner
  • Anna Dymna
  • Małgorzata Gałkowska
  • Roman Gancarczyk
  • Krzysztof Globisz, Jan Peszek, Mikołaj Kubacki **
  • Mateusz Górski (AST), Mikołaj Kubacki **
  • Magda Grąziowska
  • Zygmunt Józefczak
  • Zbigniew W. Kaleta
  • Elżbieta Karkoszka
  • Urszula Kiebzak
  • Zbigniew Kosowski
  • Radosław Krzyżowski
  • Michał Majnicz
  • Błażej Peszek
  • Łukasz Szczepanowski
  • Małgorzata Zawadzka
  • Krzysztof Zawadzki
  • Julia Łętocha, Oliwia Łętocha, / Martyna Okrajek, Zuzanna Okrajek


  • Katarzyna Gregorowicz Translation
  • Tomasz Śpiewak Development and adaptation
  • Iga Słupska, Szymon Szewczyk Scenography / costumes
  • Jacek Grudzień Music and musical arrangements
  • Jacqueline Sobiszewski Lighting / video director
  • Aga Beaupré, Jan Świetlik Video collaboration
  • Marta Kalfas Musical consultation (tuning forks)
  • Zbigniew S. Kaleta Assistant director / stage manager / prompter
  • Piotr Froń (WRD AST), Tomasz Fryzeł (WRD AST) Director’s assistants (AST)
  • Magdalena Łakoma Costume assistant



  • PLN 70/40
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