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  • Friday, October 12, 2018, 6:00 PM - Sunday, October 21, 2018

Contemporary art flourishes in Kraków in October with a review of the latest trends and an auction of selected works!

Artists are generally tied to specific circles and galleries, which in turn have their “own” groups of visitors. The Krakow Art Salon, a join initiative of the Krakow Festival Office and the Foundation Artists Innovation Theory (F.A.I.T.), deliberately goes against such divisions. The competition exhibition at the Palace of the Art presents works by artists from all generations, circles, genres and aesthetics.

What links them is their ties to Kraków, although this isn’t necessarily by birth or residence: some come from families who have been rooted in Kraków for generations, others studied and launched their careers here, while others still are newcomers to the city. We will see acclaimed artists, including professors at the Academy of Fine Arts, those at the thresholds of their careers and even amateurs.

All the artworks have been created since early 2017; they were selected by Magdalena Kownacka and Gaweł Kownacki, originators of the initiative and curators of the exhibition, from open submissions from 444 authors. At the weekend following the opening of the exhibition, the jury of the Krakow Art Salon selects winners of the Grand Prix, Image of the Year, Object of the Year, Media Work of the Year and Process of the Year; the event culminates on 20 October with a public auction of exhibited works.

The formula and location of the Krakow Art Salon recalls contemporary art reviews dating back to the mid-19th century, marking a return to a beautiful encounter between Cracovians and local artistic circles. (dd)

Organisers: Krakow Festival Office, Foundation Artists Innovation Theory

Exhibition open: 12-21 October 2018, noon-8pm



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