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  • Thursday, October 11, 2018, 7:00 PM

A Different Take on Liberation

Although homeland, freedom and nation are concepts imbued with meaning, they remain somewhat abstract. But what happens when historical facts are enhanced with references to the present day and big politics is intertwined with romantic themes? We’ll find out during the Polish Cantata with music by Piotr Rubik and lyrics by Zbigniew Książek.

Rubik’s first hit was Dotyk sung by Edyta Górniak, but it was his collaboration with Książek on the acclaimed albums Tu es Petrus and Psałterz Wrześniowy that launched him to nationwide fame. In 2007, the artists joined forces again to pen the cantata Zakochani w Krakowie as part of the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the foundation of the city; in 2011 they co-wrote the album Opisanie świata. Their latest work premieres at ICE Kraków on 11 October. Presented as part of the celebrations of the centenary of Poland’s independence, it takes a close look at the country at that pivotal moment. Narrator Jakub Wieczorek tells us about the dilemmas faced by some of the leading public figures of the time – Józef Piłsudski, Władysław Sikorski and Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński – through their private conversations with their wives and girlfriends. The evening features excerpts from traditional folk songs updated to reflect issues we face today. The cantata is performed by the Lower Silesia Philharmonic Orchestra from Jelenia Góra and the Wrocław Academic Choir under the baton of Alan Urbanek. The solo parts are performed by Zofia Nowakowska, Marta Moszczyńska, Olivia Wieczorek, Michał Gasz and Marcin Januszkiewicz. (Bartosz Suchecki, “Karnet”)




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