Copernicus Festival 2018


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  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - Sunday, May 27, 2018

Chance Rules

Dan quit school as a teenager, dreaming of becoming a science fiction author. He planned to enrol at a creative writing course at his local college. As luck would have it, the course was already full, so he took the last free place studying psychology. Today, Daniel Gilbert is a professor of psychology at Harvard, author of popular science bestsellers and star of TED Talks, and he has plenty to say about the role of chance in success.

The significance of chance in science, culture and existence in general is the leading theme of this year’s Copernicus Festival. As well as Daniel Gilbert, guests include the economist Robert H. Frank, the astronomer Jean-Pierre Lasota, the author of Philosophy of Chance Michał Heller, and the authors Olga Tokarczuk and Adam Zagajewski. The programme includes lectures, debates, informal talks, presentations of electronic art, exhibitions (including informels by Tadeusz Kantor) and concerts.

Igor Kuranda, magazyn Karnet



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