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One of the best jazz clubs in Poland regularly hosts head jazzmen from the world over. The music atmosphere of the club is created mainly by acoustic jazz, but you can also find there some border-crossing improvisations, blues and ethno music played.

29, 30 May, 9pm
Mateusz Pałka / Mateusz Szczypka Duo
20/15 PLN

31 May, 9pm
20/15 PLN

6, 7 June, 9pm
Aleksandra Kutrzepa Quartet
20/15 PLN

11, 12 June, 9pm
Michael Kornas Trio
20/15 PLN

13, 14 June, 9pm
Johnny Mazur/Michal Gos Duo
20/15 PLN

17 June, 9pm
More Than Four
20/15 PLN

19, 20 June, 9pm
The Diaspora House
20/15 PLN

21, 28 June, 9pm
Płużek/Szczypka Standards Duo
20/15 PLN

22 June, 9pm
Franciszek Pospieszalski Trio
20/15 PLN

23 June, 9pm
Tercet Jazzowy
20/15 PLN

24 June, 9pm
Concert recital
admission free

25 June, 9pm
Confusion Project
20/15 PLN

26 June, 9pm
Music Mahal
20/15 PLN

27 June, 9pm
Drnek/Šanda/Šelep Trio
20/15 PLN

29 June, 9pm
20/15 PLN



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