9th Days of Commedia dell’Arte


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  • Saturday, February 24, 2018, 12:01 AM - Saturday, March 3, 2018

Faces and Masks

Commedia dell’arte is an Italian theatre with roots in the 16th century. You might think of it as a rather outdated form of art, but you’d be wrong – it’s celebrated every year with an international festival, this year held on 25 February. The witty pantomime, distinctive movements and expressive conventions bring audiences to tears of laughter with their ancient stories of human passions and vices, brought to life by actors donning masks.

The 9th Days of Commedia dell’Arte (24 February – 3 March) officially open with a vernissage of an exhibition of works by Jonathan Fröhlich Mask – Face at the Praska 52 Theatre, presenting hand-made leather masks. The opening spectacle Dell'arte śmiechu warte introduces the audience to the inner workings of this distinctive theatre form – and if you fancy trying your hand at acting, the organisers are hosting ever-popular theatre workshops. The next two spectacles introduce the extensive lineup of comedy characters. Oberża pod złamanym groszem [The Penniless Inn – trans.] presents the trials and tribulations of the rich old man Pantalone lusting after Rosina, the young daughter of the innkeeper; Rosina herself is in love with a young man named Florian, while Florian’s father Dottore hopes to marry his son to the wealthy widow Lucretia to avoid financial ruin. Finally, the cunning maid Columbina and the servants Harlequin and Brighella are the protagonists of the dance spectacle Once Upon a Time in Venice performed by the Court Ballet “Cracovia Danza” and Troupe Komedianty, immersing the audience in the unique atmosphere of Venetian Carnival. The festival culminates with a conference dedicated to commedia dell’arte and its contemporary interpretations. Evviva la commedia!

(Justyna Skalska, "Karnet" magazine)


24 lutego 2018 DZIEŃ OTWARTY
14.00 – 16.30 warsztaty komedii ( zapisy na : rezerwacja@studiodono.pl )
17.30  wernisaż wystawy MASKA – TWARZ. Maski skórzane Jonathana Fröhlicha
19.00    DELL’ARTE śmiechu WARTE / Trupa KOMEDIANTY
Teatr Praska 52, wstęp wolny

25 lutego 2018, godz. 19.00 
Oberża pod złamanym groszem
Teatr Praska 52, bilety: 30 PLN/ 15 PLN

27 lutego 2018, godz. 19.00
Pewnego razu w Wenecji
Krakowski Teatr Variete, bilety: 40 PLN / 30 PLN

02 marca 2018, godz.10.00
Konferencja naukowa: Komedia dell’arte. Tradycja – odczytania – przekształcenia
IV Krakowskie Spotkania Italianistyczne
Instytut Neofilologii Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego, Kraków ul. Podchorążych 2
Wstęp wolny

02 marca 2018, godz. 19.00; 03 marca 2018, godz. 19.00
Oberża pod złamanym groszem
Teatr Praska 52, bilety: 30 PLN/ 15 PLN



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