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Fair Play!

What is the concept of fair trade all about? What’s it like to run a business following the fair trade concept? How can we build communities around cooperation? We will find out during the Fair Trade Film Festival at Forum Przestrzenie.

 “Fair trade means trade partnerships based on dialogue, transparency and respect aiming to create equality in international trade,” says Krzysztof Rączkowiak from Fairtrade Poland. “It may sound a bit complicated (…), which is why we decided to host the festival. The films and discussions with experts reveal how the fair trade movement works in practice. We want the event to become a space for open dialogue, asking questions and improving public understanding.”

The programme features documentaries from around the globe, including Côte d'Ivoire, Ecuador, Brazil, Palestine and – of course – from Poland. We will see Michał Wilczek’s Mauritius. Stories of Sugar filmed on the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, and Andy Orchard and Kendal Kempsey’s extraordinary film about the Cerro Candelaria nature reserve, home to many unique species of plants and animals. We will also see Maciek Zygmunt’s reportage Fair Trade Gives Strength. Asoguabo: An Example – a recording of conversations with Ecuadorians who were able to keep their land and save their family farms thanks to the concept and certification of Fair Trade. The film reveals everyday life at the plantation and the strength of the community built around cooperation.

As well as film screenings, the programme features food tastings, discussions, meetings with experts and workshops. (Barbara Zając)



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