Standup comedy open mic night


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  • Sunday, July 1, 2018, 8:00 PM

Entrance is only 7zl and includes a FREE SHOT and DISCOUNT ticket on future Headliner Acts. If you're on stage entrance is free.

Get up on stage and bask in the spotlight for 5 minutes making people laugh. We'll even give you a FREE BEER to help calm the nerves of doing so!

If you're not the type to enjoy stage time that's ok, we still love you. Bring some friends, have a laugh, take advantage of the DRINK SPECIALS and enjoy the evening.

If you do not have any friends you should still come along, we guarantee you'll meet new people or your money back!

Attention comics:
If you would like to perform, just post "spot please" in the event discussion up to 23:59 on Friday to be eligible for a place in the lineup. Spots are limited and we will post the names of the people who made the final cut on Saturday. To secure your spot please arrive no later than 19:30; after this time spots will be open to people on the waiting list. Please note sending us a direct message does not guarantee a spot, as we only take signups from the event page itself.



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