Szpitalna 1 pres. Tabernacle Records Showcase w/ John Heckle

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  • Friday, September 15, 2017, 10:00 PM

A new season is coming. Szpitalna 1 presents again. The first event of our club cycle will host an outstanding team from Tabernacle Records.

Tabernacle Records celebrates seven years of existence (and over fifty releases on three labels) with a party in Krakow, bringing together various friends and family we have met over the years.

On 15th September we will hear John Heckle, who has been with us since day one. With two albums and the whole of the Head Front Panel label dedicated to his harder sound, he is our most released artist to date. He’ll be giving us one of his typical off the cuff, lively DJ sets.

Leah Floyeurs has been in a relationship with techno for many years and played at one of our final parties in Glasgow. Resident at the infamous Freerotation Festival and 50arc parties in the UK, this will be her first time in Poland. Expect a super tight selection of late-night techno and electro.

Andrew Ingram (a new Krakow resident) co-runs the label with Joel Shaw and will be bookending the night with Boggietroid John Marchant, a heavy vinyl collector and long-distance driver.

Finally, we asked local party devotee Chino to join the bill after witnessing his deadly live sets at Szpitalna 1’s beloved Radar events.

This will be a great night.

John Heckle
Leah Floyeurs
Andrew Ingram
John Marchant
Chino live



  • TAX:
    15 zł (limited) / 20 zł / 25 zł on the day
    through Going. here
    and soon paper version to be bought in the club. We'll let u know!
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