11th International Percussion Festival “Sources and Inspirations”


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We have great news for all fans of drums, cymbals, gongs and triangles. There will be drumming! There will also be rattling and knocking with the 11th International Percussion Festival “Sources and Inspirations”. The main events are held in October, with a September prologue: on 25 September, the Academy of Music hosts Joey Baron and Robyn Schulkowsky, two outstanding percussionists of the American avant-garde, both making their debut in Kraków. There will be rhythm, noise, precision, improvisation and beauty!

During the main events we will see and hear The Drummers of Kraków – graduates and lecturers from the Academy of Music in Kraków. The next day is dedicated to Percussion Chamber Music with guests including the Percussio Group from Spain, the Debrecen Percussion Group from Hungary and the Jakub Kołodziejczyk and Paweł Dyyak duo. The celebration of percussion closes with the acclaimed Pete Lockett, equally at home with rock and blues drum kits, Indian tablas and naals, Irish bodhrans and Japanese taikos. The British artist is joined by Grzech Piotrowski on saxophone and the One World International Project incorporating musicians from Syria, Yemen and Gambia. The festival, held at the Academy of Music in Kraków, also presents evening drum sessions and club concerts at  Strefa. (Barbara Skowrońska)

prologue: 25 September 2017, 7pm
Joey Baron, Robyn Schulkowsky

19 października 2017, 7pm
The Drummers of Kraków
Qba Janicki, Groove Brothers, Wojciech Fedkowicz, Jacek Fedkowicz, Mateusz Pałka, Max Olszewski, Jan Pilch, Łukasz Żyta, Maciej Hałoń

20 października 2017, 7pm
Percussion Chamber Music

Debrecen Percussion Group
led by István Szabó

Persecussio Group
led by Manel Ramada

Jakub Kołodziejczyk i Paweł Dyyak

21 października 2017, 7pm
Drums Around the World

Pete Lockett
Grzech Piotrowski One World International Project



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