17th Great Dragon Parade

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  • Saturday, June 3, 2017 - Sunday, June 4, 2017

Taming Dragons

One of the most popular Cracovian legends tells the story of a dragon intimidating the entire city from his den at the foot of Wawel Hill. It took the efforts of the cunning cobbler Skuba who fed the beast a sheep stuffed with sulphur to end the reign of terror. As years passed, the memory of the events faded and the dragon become one of Kraków’s symbols. The Groteska Theatre is hosting the 17th Great Dragon Parade – the family event held in early June is a perfect opportunity to have fun and enjoy the competition for best hand-made monsters. We know full well that the inventiveness of participants is boundless – as is the fame of the Dragon Parade, which has reached as far as the world centre of dragon culture: China.

Although this year’s event centres around Mediterranean dragons, we can certainly expect guests from other continents. On Saturday evening (3 June) we will witness a formidable and majestic spectacle by the Vistula, with some of the floating and flying dragons reaching up to 25 metres in length… On Sunday afternoon (4 June), streets of the Old Town fill with a colourful family pageant under the banner of Parade of Dragons, Cracovians and Highlanders. We can’t wait! And throughout the weekend, the Dragon Family Picnic comes to the foot of Wawel Hill with plenty of fun and games for everyone. And so tame dragons return to the very place where the terrifying story originates. (gs)

Dragon Family Picnic, Vistula Boulevards at the Dragon’s Den
3 June 2017 (Saturday), 10am-9:30pm
4 June 2017 (Sunday), 10am-7pm

Great Outdoor Spectacle on the Vistula, Vistula Boulevards at the foot of Wawel Hill
3 June 2017 (Saturday), 10pm

Parade of Dragons, Cracovians and Highlanders on the streets of the Old Town
4 June 2017 (Sunday), noon-3pm



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