Tramways at Wawrzyńca

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In the historic tram depot hall you can see 11 historic tram cars, restored in the workshop of the Municipal Transport Company in Kraków. All the cars are in working condition and occasionally leave the Museum, servicing the Kraków Tram Line ( The most valuable cars include one of the first standard gauge railcars produced in Sanok for Kraków Tram Company in the years 1912 - 1914, a wagon SN2 1939, produced by the United Wagon Factory "Sanowag" in Sanok, N-type cars from the years 1949 to 1988 produced by Chorzów Steel Structures Factory Konstal  and the first articulated wagon, produced by the same factory – 102N from 1969.

The exhibition is supplemented by charts showing the development of the tram network and fleet in Kraków, since the launch of the first horse tram line in 1882 to the present day. They show the history of the tram depot at św. Wawrzyńca Street as well.




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