A Technical Question


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Technical workers – as their name would seem to indicate – are responsible for the technical run of the play, and are seldom seen, generally only when they bring something or remove it from stage. This time they take the entire stage, though with some initial trepidation: “In A Technical Question anything is possible. It can happen that the technical crew appears on stage instead of the actors, it can happen that they get carried off stage, and finally, it can happen that they abandon the audience to run off to another play. Jarosław Majzel, Janusz Rojek, and Mirosław Wiśniewski leave their work as techs at the Stary Theater's Kameralny Stage for a few hours to try their acting skills. They abandon their jobs for a moment. And they do so with success, because an hour spent in their company can have a rejuvenating effect on the viewer. (…) Among the evening's gems is a Stary Theater tech fashion show, a fashion machine of sorts, and an attempt to make a mock-up of the stage. This hour-long, guileless play has received ovations from the public; it is a true breath of fresh air for the theater-goer,” said Gabriela Cagiel in Gazeta Wyborcza.

Directed by: Michał Buszewicz

Jarosław Majzel
Janusz Rojek
Mirosław Wiśniewski
** Zygmunt Józefczak / Błażej Peszek / Małgorzata Zawadzka
** - dual role_en

Lighting - Roman Górka, Mariusz Środa
Acoustics - Tadeusz Kruczek
Visual setting - Jakub Laskowski
Music - Krzysztof Chodkiewicz
Stage manager / prompter - Ewa Wrześniak

The play will be performed with English surtitles.



  • Tickets: PLN 30/20
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