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Enjoy passionate story of good food in Kraków and try some good food with local craft beer for 10 PLN. There are more than 1200 restaurants in city Kraków. If you go out to eat once a day each time somewhere else you will need 3,5 years to visit all of them! On this tour we will walk arround the historical center of Kraków looking for a places with good food and drinks. Some of them will be classical legendary locations, some of them brand new.

80 % of Polish people don't go out to eat almost at all. So take sth to make notes with you cause after the tour will know much more about good food locations in Kraków than most of the locals Polish people.

At the end we will sit in a restaurant in the main square and... try some food and drinks.

Each of us will get 3 samples of food and 2 samples of local craft beer. Tasting will cost 10 PLN each person

Tour guide will be founder of our fundation Paweł Mrozowicz a food bloger, who used to own Indian restaurant in Kraków.

This is donation based FREE walking TOUR so at the end everybody are free to donate to cover the costs of FREE walking TOUR foundation main activities.

Meeting point: The Head on the Main Square, Duration: 2 hours



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